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Diana, Andrade

why h news?

Q: 18 year old school girl from Delhi has been selated among the receipts of the 20Re Diana A Dord, an Honour on the birth Anniversary of Princess Diana (of aml) Do youngster for Humanitarian Efforts.

Key Points :

she received the evening for developing Recycled App,a web based mobile Application à Connect users oth coate Manellers - The door-to-door pfe up service helps în etsy disposal of recycled onset for those who may not hard He rene or time to travel to drop their Antte.
The app also claims to be helpful for waste - hanelecs, whoe lo an oe olunesible to health issues because of improper handling of Daster.
• Hee Donk on surface development Recycling & a valuable contribution bondi achieving United nation mandated Sustainable Development Go 4 poverty alleviation , innovation, infrastructure, responsible consumption and climate action.
Diana Act score established 1999 and it is Considered one of the Richest acolytes a Can necéwe for social action or humanitarian effort.

Sidharth Thakur
Education is graduation 1st year

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