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We need to know not only how to deal with success

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but also how to deal with failure, especially if you are in the field of management, if I want young people to know how to manage failure because no one has to deal with the problem you are working on  It's going to take. 

The problem person or project should not be the head of the music captain.The project should become the captain of the major cases and defeat in that case and succeed in learning through which the creativity of education provides creativity, improves thinking and imparts knowledge from which knowledge has proven to be the best history History has proved that people who dare to imagine the impossible! 

People who break all human boundaries in every field of human endeavor, be it imaginary names like science, medicine, sports, art and technology, our history has carved out their boundaries by breaking the boundaries of their imaginary planets.  U CV Ramon, U Tech Newton U Tech Einstein U Tech Changershaker They break the limits of your imagination and change the world If you want to be innovative you will be an explorer. 

I think what kind of feature are you looking for that requires you to search and the searches are published by a constantly working creative mind and the picture of the end result was imagining the outcome of the phone.  The ultimate effect of the mind affects the mind.  All the forces of the universe strive imaginatively and relentlessly to inspire the mind which leads to discovery and discovery sir! 

I would love to hear some suggestions from you for the coming generation.  To be successful in life!  I've already told you how to get to life, you want to try four things!  1. Great intentions!  Great AIM !!!  I would be great AIM!  1 I will be able to do great AIM !!!  I will be able I will be able to constantly use the toilet (Acquire Novelties Acquire Novelji) I will do this in the toilet!  I am determined to be able and successful and successful!  Okay. 

Thank you very much sir!  Thank you very much, you have achieved a lot.  You wrote books as president, you are a technician, you became a professor.  But!  Why do you call the title "Teacher's Easiest Title"?  You know I had a teacher you can call a little boy anytime.  10 year old boy.  The second war was going on when I took advantage of my class to determine the fifth grade teacher.  When he enters the classroom and when we use radiation knowledge from him we get radiation knowledge from him, whenever he sees the classroom as my teacher when I see it with the fullness of life! 

And the way he taught was what shaped my dream.  What should be my way of life, whenever a young colleague teaches me and gives me an outlook on my life, a lecturer is said to have the power to give children dreams and give them dreams and share dreams with them.

  There is an incomparable opportunity to accomplish Great animals sometimes become better than you, but it is better than teachers that I can achieve the great goal you set, I am constantly gaining knowledge, I will work hard I am persistent and able to succeed

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